June 26, 2014 - Workplace Bullying: The "Quiet Epidemic" in Corporate America

  • Thursday, June 26, 2014
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Auditorium, University Center Greenville, 225 S. Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville, SC 29607


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Jun 26, 2014 -

Presented by:
Mr. Ron Watkins, CMC

Workplace Bullying: The "Quiet Epidemic" in Corporate America

Bullying in the workplace is 4x more prevalent than sexual harassment and discrimination combined (WBI)

Join us on Thursday, June 26th for this revealing presentation on workplace bullying. 

Ron will explain why it has become known as the “quiet epidemic”, how to recognize bullying behavior, plus the psychological motivations of a bully.  He will provide a quantitative analysis to show why bullies are too expensive to keep on the payroll.

By the end of the evening, you will learn,

  • How to define a workplace bully and how to recognize the behavior tactics used to dehumanize their target.
  • How bullying behavior can create a toxic working environment and the impact it has on the workforce psychologically, physically, and behaviorally.
  • Preparations to follow before confronting a bully.
  • The process of quantifying a bully’s behavior in determining whether he/she is costing the company too much to be kept on the payroll.
  • Introduction as to the Workplace Bill that 26 state legislatures are currently working to get it enacted into law against bullying in the workplace.

Evening's meal provided by:
Exceptional Catering of Greenville
Menu includes: California Wrap Sandwiches, seasonal melons, and cookies.


About Ron Watkins:

Ron Watkins, President of Mountain Sky Consulting (MSC), is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) which represents a distinction of the highest global standards for performance, knowledge, and ethical principles.  Less than 1% of management consultants achieve the CMC certification during their career.  He is also an affiliate of the Workplace Bullying and Research Institute located in Bellingham, Washington. During his 25 years as a consultant Ron has specialized in Organizational Behavior and his area of expertise is Workplace Bullying.

He earned his undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology at Heidelberg University and his graduate degree from Ball State University in Behavioral Psychology.

Ron is a member of The Institute of Management Consulting, Western North Carolina Psychological Association, and the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


For more information, please contact Ron at


56 Southwicke Dr. Asheville, NC 28704
Cell: 828-508-9140



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