RSVP Requested-Aug. 12, 2014 Board Mtg-UCG 514-5:30 to 7:30 pm

  • Tuesday, August 12, 2014
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • UCG 514


Registration is closed

Agenda -

I. Last Planning Details & Run Through for Aug. 14th Workshop

    A. Final pre-registration numbers

    B. Excellent promotions

         1) Website

         2) Emails

         3) Mail Chimp

         4) Facebook


          1) Google Chrome

          2) Google +

          3) Gmail usage

3. Confirmed September 25 Program with April Goyer - topic change

4. Adiministration

    A. Review and approve Minutes from June 24

    B. Review and approve month end financials for June and July

5. Re-branding Project Update

    A. Vote on Amended By-laws changes

    B. Website changes

    C. Signage update 

6. Membership Update

    A. Dialogues for reaching lapsed and late members by phone

    B. Ideas to convert Contacts to Paid Members

7. Programs Update

    A. Confirmed - we will join program with PMI Palmetto on October 23

    B. 2015 Continued program plans

         1) Jan confirmed

         2) Feb date change confirmed to February 12 - accomodate Mar 3 Joint meeting with GSHRM

         3) Mar 3 confirmed joint meeting (Special Event) GSHRM

                 a. Mary Wray to write minutes of planning meeting

                 b. State of Workforce panel planned focusing on employee engagement by effective on-boarding of intergenerational workers

                 c. Creative role-plays with responses from panel of HR Professionals

                 d. Mary Wray to take lead with role-play dialogues 

                 e. Stephanie Brown (GSHRM) to take lead with HRC submission

         4) Apr 23 confirmed

         5) May 28 confirmed

         6) Sep 24 confirmed   

8. Special Events Update

    A. Nov/Dec Awards of Excellence with Michael McBride

    B. Mar 3 - Joint meeting with GSHRM

    C. Aug 13 - Workshop

    D. Nov/Dec - AoE continuation

9. Professional Development Update

    A. Jobs postings

    B. Interest in facilitating efforts for Southeastern Region Conference

    C. Other ideas for Professional Development for members 

10. Community Relations update - sponsorship outreach 

11. Student Outreach update

12. Succession planning

    A. Board Recruitment & Retention

    B. Committee recruitment

    C. Taking turns as Program Facilitators

13. Job Descriptions re-writes - approve, modify, redo

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