About Mary Wray Conner, VP-Marketing/Event Promotions

Mary Wray is the Director of Talent Management Solutions at The Conner Connection. With more than 30 years of experience working with a variety of businesses, non-profits, and ministries, Mary Wray’s expertise is working closely with organizations to help facilitate the optimal use of Human Capital Management Strategy throughout the employee lifecycle. Through the use of the right talent assessment tools, job benchmarking, cultural analysis, and talent management consulting/training; Mary Wray helps clients hire the best candidates, develop a viable internal talent pool and retain valuable employees.

Mary Wray is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant which gives her unique insight to enable others to gain a more thorough understanding of their unique strengths as well as an increased awareness and appreciation for the strengths of others.  Mary Wray is an Advanced Accredited DISC Trainer, Certified Birkman Consultant and trained in the use of Omnia Assessment tool.

Mary Wray can best be described in three words, "PEOPLE, PASSION, AND RESULTS."

Mary Wray is passionate about investing her time, talent, and energy to help organizations and individuals improve communications, build strong relationships, as well as increase personal and professional effectiveness and productivity.

Mary Wray can be reached at communications@atdupstatesc.org.

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